Why I'm Running

I firmly believe in unity through community, and I am running because I am tired of career politicians putting themselves first and using our city as a stepping-stone for their resume. Enough is enough, and now more than ever it's time to bring our community together and put our needs first.

I am running as an Independent, because my loyalty is to our community, not a party. I have the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge to effectively lead and unite our community through thoughtful, inclusive, and equitable policies and programs.

As your mayor, I will strive to effect meaningful change across three focused platform pillars:

  • Economic Development & Public Education
  • Policing & Criminal Justice Reform
  • Improving Community, Health, & Social Services


I have over 15 years of experience working in Federal, state, and local government; as well as private industry, both large and small. I currently teach economics at VCU, and authored an op-ed in March to educate people on the upcoming economic pain from the coronavirus, including local ramifications to businesses and taxes. I co-founded Twende Tours with a native Maasai I met in Tanzania while backpacking there, which helped me understand the value of collaboration and a well-run government. Most recently I served as the CFO of Lamplighter, a local coffee shop and roaster. I am the former City Economist, overseeing the General Fund revenue portfolio of $780MM when I was 25, and served on the Parks & Rec Advisory Board for the 7th District. I started the non-profit RideRichmond—whose work included not only bicycle education and advocacy, but also building and delivering bicycles to the City of Richmond's workforce development program—for which I was named Top 40 Under 40 by Style Weekly.

These experiences, across all levels of government and throughout our community, have given me a unique and valuable perspective to bring the leadership and inclusive change our community needs, wants, and deserves.

Blog Posts

Each Monday I'll be releasing a new blog post on a different aspect of my platform. My goals are simple: to outline what the idea is, why the idea is important, how we will execute the idea, and how we will pay for it.

The biggest takeaway from these posts is to think of Richmond as an ecosystem; that these seemingly disjoint parts must work together, in unison, for us to effect meaningful change throughout our community.

As each of these posts are released, the corresponding list above will be revised to include a link to the post.