Economic & Community Development

This post highlights the importance of the next stop in our ecosystem: Economic & Community Development. It covers the importance of widespread community development versus economic development deals of largess, and offers specific ways we can engage in successful community development to retain our developed talent, and create a pipeline of future developed talent.


Talent Retention & Development

This post highlights the importance of Talent Retention & Development in our Richmond community and ecosystem. It covers the importance of retention and development, and offers programs, suggestions, and ideas on how we can improve retention and development. It also explains why we cannot engage in effective retention and development in a silo, and touches on other areas of our community and my platform that have an effect on it.


Platform Overview

This is a high-level post covering the overview of my platform. It focuses on why we must treat Richmond as an ecosystem, and how we can improve and grow our community through a multitude of short-term and long-term programs.


Schedule of Upcoming Blog Posts

I'll be using this blog as a way to communicate platform ideas. My goals are simple: to outline what the idea is, why the idea is important, how we will execute the idea, and how we will pay for it.

The biggest takeaway from these posts is to think of Richmond as an ecosystem; that these seemingly disjoint parts actually need to work together in unison for us to effect meaningful change.

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